Cowdrey Cricket Club - Buy-a-Brick!

We are setting a £5000 target to improve our current facilities. You can help! A small donation goes a long way...

Please contact Glen Warner for further details.


We have now raised £550 towards our £5000 target, plus several amounts pending... A great start and thank you to all the kind donations so far!

We have opportunities for companies to purchase a coloured logo brick for £175, which will really stand out, including your message, name and logo.

If you would like to get involved and put something into grass root sports, please get in touch!

Email Glen Warner for more details

To purchase a brick, complete and send this form to Glen, and transfer the appropriate amount to the club.

Bank details are as follows

Account number
Sort code


You may need a code for international transfer which is LOYDGB21332

Bricks bought so far (click to expand)